UFO Catcher Addict

Woes of a girl addicted to Japanese "UFO Catcher" claw machines and cute things.

I sell my winnings in my shop, but I am not living in Japan at the moment. When I am not playing UFO catchers I'm blogging about cute stuff~

UFO Catcher Tips



Selling these two cuties 12cm beige, 16cm white. If interested in details or buying feel free to email me at bobbipin10@gmail.com


Complete 8cm Alpacasso/Arpakasso sets of 4 for sale.

1. Let’s Party series (All brand new condition w/ paper tags)
- Asking price: $43.00 + shipping costs

2. Winter Earmuffs series (All brand new condition, most do not have paper tags, only the pink one has it)
- Asking price: $50.00 + shipping costs

3. Bonbon v2 series (All brand new condition w/ paper tags)
- Asking price: $35.00 + shipping costs

**Please understand that my prices are based on rarity and popularity. Also, please note that I do not have large stocks of Alpacasso, a majority of the items I sell come from my own collection. I am more of a collector than a seller. Please do not send complaints about my pricing when you have the option to not purchase from me. uwu;; I will be more than happy to recommend you actual sellers who have better prices since they have large stocks.

In addition to that, I do offer better deals the more you add to your order. (Coz who doesn’t like discounts!?) And yes I can do combined shipping as well~

If you are interested in purchasing a set, please email me at Alpacasso@live.com to discuss payment and shipping details. I do not discuss sales through tumblr because the messaging system is unreliable @@; Anyway, be sure to follow and stay updated with the rest of my sales posts. Thank you!


Please support me on RedBubble and check out my new design with the festival alpacas! http://rinicake.redbubble.com/

I made two wallpaper versions of it that you may feel free to download and use personally: [x] [x]

Feel free to use the wallpapers I made. Thank you so much for all the support of my RedBubble so far! I’m working on my Society6 profile as well at the moment. Please reblog my graphics-related posts if you can, I super appreciate any support as I am currently unable to work and barely make any income. But I only want people to buy if they truly like my designs~ (:


Alpacasso Family upload♡♡♡♡♡


What really goes on when I play UFO catchers ;)

Drew this on my iPad mini C:


My first Alpacassos which my best friend litanyofexcuses gave to me as a surprise :D

I love them :))))))


Gloomy bears :3


Gloomy bears :3

(via larvitard)


Who knew that #Starwhals liked coffee? XD Want to know when they’ll be available? Sign up at inki-drop.com/mailing-list #inkidrop #plush


I had to buy it - it was too cute and fluffy and everything! (I named him Eren) 


I think everyone should have something adorable that can always cheer them up. For me, its my little Shellos plush and my catball :)

I think I will do another giveaway soon..haven’t done one since 1000 followers and it’s over doubled since! Either keychains, a tote bag, or leftover UFO catcher goods! Preferences, followers?


How do I even start cleaning.


Meet my Wooly the Sheep <3

Isn’t he the cutest thing ever?