UFO Catcher Addict

Woes of a girl addicted to Japanese "UFO Catcher" claw machines and cute things.

I sell my winnings in my shop, but I am not living in Japan at the moment. When I am not playing UFO catchers I'm blogging about cute stuff~

UFO Catcher Tips


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My alpaca family increased by 2 today when my order from TOM arrived! :D

oops I actually forgot one from the bottom photo :__D

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My new macaron babies!

Thanks so much to rosy61987 for these cuties!


Girly Wooly!


Come over here so I can squish you!

Squish squish



Tired of those nasty crane games? Try this!

I have won 5 plushies in just 1 hour


Last one!

I’m still jetlagged, but am now sun burnt and feel like I’ve walked the arches out of my feet from today. All the sleep before work tomorrow!

I’ve also never heard of this character (?) before. Does anyone know? It’s super cute :3

(These are also done by Amuse. I guess I’ve been falling behind while in hiatus.)

Heads up RedBubble is having a back to school sale and you can get free shipping with the code BACKTOSCHOOLFS. Not sure if there’s a minimum or anything but it doesn’t say so. If you want to purchase stuff from my RB store now may be a good time :)


I spent all my money at Summer Sonic, but I wanted to play so badly!


Game on!

(Didn’t upload correctly the first time)