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Woes of a girl addicted to Japanese "UFO Catcher" claw machines and cute things.

I sell my winnings in my shop, but I am not living in Japan at the moment. When I am not playing UFO catchers I'm blogging about cute stuff~





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AMUSE obsession


Time to sleep zzzZZz #alpacasso #arpakasso #goodnight #rosy61987 #rosysgarden #pillow #cute #12kuriko


Pulled out the three boxes I had of alpacas in 8 cm 16 cm and 12 cm. I have a lot of alpacas. I’m going to go through and finish organizing them and taking pictures but in this picture alone, there arethere are at least 400 alpacas. I have another bag off to the side with at least 400 more.

Also. Alpacas make me incredibly happy.


much jealous. what series is the big floofy yellow one? tissue box holder?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
what program do you use to draw your alpacas and print onto things?
ufocatcheraddict ufocatcheraddict Said:

I use a free vector program called Inkscape. It’s pretty easy to use but is honestly a little glitchy. I can’t afford Adobe Illustrator/I’m too lazy to torrent it/at this point I’m probably more proficient in Inkscape than illustrator anyway so I just deal with the few annoying malfunctions which are not difficult to work around lol. I have photoshop but I only use it to edit the size and format of my finished works for uploading them onto society6 and redbubble. And btw those websites take care of the printing for me

Redid my Alpacasso UFO catcher, hope you guys like it! Available as a print on my society6 here.

Redid my Alpacasso UFO catcher, hope you guys like it! Available as a print on my society6 here.




I am giving away one small tote from my RedBubble store and one manmaru wanko plush in pink (for hanging on the bag if you wish). The tote bag features my “Alpaca Love” design and measures 13” tall. The manmaru wanko plush is leftover from my Storenvy stock. I believe one more…


Today’s UFO Catcher winnings


hamster: Look~ my sunflower seed~lalala (owo) #hamster #sunflower #seed #cute #rosy61987 #rosysgarden #12kuriko

Kumoneko Series

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Koro Hamu Koron Ufo-Catcher

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I’m so devastated that I have to sell these two cuties, especially the white one     ( p′︵‵。)



Look at what came in the mail! Much thanks goes to Joseph of kawaiiplushlove for bringing me and this cutie together! I’m a sucker for his little sailor hat and collar. I’m thinking about naming him Francis.

Now if only I could find the Baby Marine Alpacassos…


You can clean your phone screen with their bellies!